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23 octubre

Fictiorama + Daedalic = Perfect Synchronicity!!!

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Fictiorama + Daedalic = Perfect Synchronicity!!!

German publisher Daedalic Entertainment is going to publish Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today! Daedalic is one of Germany’s most acclaimed publishers and developers, with numerous awards for adventure game milestones. They have made great adventures such as The Whispered World and the Deponia saga, and they are working on the more-than-beautiful Silence – The Whispered World 2. So… it’s incredibly amazing that they are going […]

16 septiembre

Finding Inspiration XIX: The Last Door – Season 1: Pilot Chapter (iOS)

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Finding Inspiration XIX: The Last Door – Season 1: Pilot Chapter (iOS)

The Game Kitchen, 2013 WHAT WE LOVE 1. The art: maybe it’s because we all are over thirty (and some are approaching 40… yikes!), that we love pixel-art. Of course developers might choose this style for whatever reason that serves their purpose: nostalgia, budget…. But in “The Last Door” it’s clear that pixel-art works like a charm: it’s […]

2 septiembre

VSC: Very Special Characters

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VSC: Very Special Characters

Our Kickstarter campaign finished almost 5 months ago (5 months, already? wow!), and, since then, we have made tons of new art, music and visuals. Since we made public a lot of screenshots, characters and tunes during the campaign, we will continue posting new stuff… in dribs and drabs. I can tell you it’s really hard for us to restrain […]